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Inventor Talks About His Invention

Brian Cizek
Inventor of the
Aquahook® & Aquaclip®

In keeping with that well worn phrase..."necessity is the mother of invention", my idea for this product was the result of an everyday need. While exercising on the Stairmaster, I would place my water bottle on the floor, and invariably, I'd trip over it. "There must be a better way" I thought. The concept of hooking my bottle on the monitor or handle bars immediately came to mind.

I went home and made my first prototype out of a coat hanger. I tested my admittedly crude (but effective!) prototype by hanging a bottle of water from the handlebars of my lawnmower.

Excited about my new idea, I went to a plastics manufacturer and asked if they could make me a clip that could snap around a water bottle neck, and sure enough, they said they could! When I tested it and saw that it worked, I had a feeling that this simple yet useful product would appeal to, well, just about anyone who drinks bottled water, or any bottled beverage, for that matter. No one likes to have to carry a water bottle with them, but lots of people do. This simple invention allows you to carry your bottle and keeps your hands free!

I would like to hear your questions and comments. Feel free to e-mail me today, or call me at 714-848-7130.

Brian Cizek

Evolution of the Aquahook® and Aquaclip®

Description of each item from a coat hanger to a product
Description of each item from a coat hanger to a product are shown on picture from left to right:
1. First prototype made with coat hanger bending the wire into desired shape to hold water bottle on monitor of Stairmaster, and handle of Lifecycle, and frame work of various workout stations at the health club. This prototype was first tested on the handle bars of my lawn mower.
2. Second prototype made by a plastic company. The vinyl lettering that reads Aquahook, and on top Patent Pending, in the beginning these stickers had to be applied by hand.
3. First production angular Aquahook model manufactured from a mold. The Aquahook name was silk screened, and top engraved with patent pending.
4. The Aquahook logo evolves and is pad printed. An imprinting process faster then silk screening.
5. The Aquaclip evolves with pad printed logo. Designed to convert your bottle of water into a canteen.
6. The Aquahook and Aquaclip modified and improved. The red Aquahook and blue Aquaclip both incorporate a new beverage wrench feature under the C-Clamp of holder. Allowing added leverage to open tight bottle caps. The angles have been smoothed and rounded for a sleeker look and added comfort when applying and releasing holder from bottle. Aquaclip is made from poly carbonate and manufactured in USA.

Aquaclip  P.O. Box 3656 Huntington Beach, CA 92605-3656 USA        Phone/Fax 714.848.7130
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