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About the Company

AQUAHOOK® water bottle holder was invented after discovering the inconvenience of having to place my water bottle on the floor while working out on the Stairmaster, Lifecycle and Treadmill.

Soon to follow the AQUACLIP® was designed to attach your bottle of water to your waist like a canteen.

We then incorporated a beverage wrench feature with durable gripper teeth that allows you to crack open the safety seal on bottle caps. We also added a softer right-angle curve at the handle to make it look more attractive.

The Aquaclip® come in a variety of colors, including the new Tropical colors. Both patented bottle holders are manufactured in the USA.

Aquahook photo
Photo illustrated the Aquahook® used on a treadmill.

John Grindle carries water bottle with his Aquaclip® while fishing the Idrija River, Slovenia. John is the Honorary Secretary of the Dorchester Fishing Club founded in 1877. His website is
Aquaclip while fishing
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