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Hawaiian Springs

We at Seven Springs, Inc. in Long Pine, Nebraska bottle some of the best 100% natural spring water in the world. We purchased the Aquaclip as a marketing tool for a trade show. The reception to our personalized Aquaclip exceeded our expectations—customers sought out our booth because they wanted one of their own. We gave our employees and distributors Aquaclips, and they have been stopped on the street by people who want to know where they can get one. What a great companion for our wonderful water!

Angie DeBolt
Custom Label Coordinator


Aquaclips are a big hit for our company. We give them to students and teachers who toured our bottling plant and - what a great surprise - adults and kids alike enjoyed them! Aquaclips and Hawaiian Springs water: A match made in paradise!

President and founder of Hawaiian Springs Water

Hawaiian Springs


Brian, the aqua clips are an ingenious and much needed item for all active lifestyles, especially for my adopted U.S. troops deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan who will be dealing with the upcoming heat wave. They will certainly appreciate these nifty clips to carry their bottled water. Thank you for your generosity in making these clips possible to be sent to the troops.

Anne Galvan,
4 The Troops founder


Hey Brian, really cool! The Aquaclip is a great idea! Really works well with my Harper First Aid fanny pack I wear, because it does not have a bottle holder. I normally use a Camelback when I skate longer distances, but for a short city skates, and as a way to carry extra water with me for first aid use, they are wonderful.

Bill, IISA Certified Inline Instructor Member


The Aquaclips were a big hit! We gave them out on Father’s Day as part of a gift to our fathers. Each of our Russian Mission Trip Team members has one as well. I will bring one in to give to the individual who is responsible for Corporation Give-a-ways.

Pastor Frank
Living Waters Ministries


The Aquaclips worked great, got a lot of milage out of them for myself and my wife and our friends who accompanied us.

Darrel Floyd


Your products were excellent and I plan to use the Aquaclip on all my trips, including my upcoming trip to Hawaii. I own a printing business and I will include your product in my sales pitches to companies that sometimes order pens, magnets, and other personalized items.

Joseph Camillieri
Camillieri Printing


Our Aquaclips came out great. Thank you for your help with getting them to us in a timely fashion. My staff really likes them.

Bob Budah
Park Shore Country Day Camp and Day School


We had our volunteer event on Friday, May 11. The Aquaclips were a hit! Everyone thought that they came in very handy. Thank you for taking care of our need.

Stacey, Gap Inc.

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Thank you for your call. I have used the Aquaclip and have found it most useful.



The Aquaclip and Aquahook are wonderful products that will compliment our promotional endeavors that incorporate our bottled water. In fact, your products won the “Cool Idea” award in my department... Thank you again.

Lloyd Hathcock
Water Conservation Coordinator


We proudly gave them out to all of our attendees at our 11th Annual Crooked Divot Golf Tournament... We are so grateful for your generosity and truly appreciate the effort.

Pamela Kile
Special Events Coordinator

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Hawaiian Springs
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