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Amercian Express
Snap It Clip it and Go!
Snap it... Clip it... and Go!

Aquaclip® water bottle holder. The new beverage bottle carrier converts your bottle into a canteen. Keeping your hands free! Aquaclip-it while you walk, hike, rollerskate, in your car, golf bags, shopping, gardening, camping, strollers and much, much more. Simply snap it, clip it, and go!

Comfortably slips over waistband or belt
Has gripper "teeth" to open stubborn beverage caps
Durable, non-toxic, and recyclable
Custom Imprint available
Patented and made in USA
NEW! Now 10 colors to choose from:

Bonus Feature
Built-in bottle cap wrenchBuilt-in bottle cap wrench
Red White Blue Yellow Black
Translucent Tropical
Tropical Red Tropical Blue Tropical Purple Tropical Orange Tropical Lime
See larger images with color names »
As featured in Video capture of CBS The  Early Show

Customers say...

“It was great not to hold that water bottle!” -B.M

“I’m a Park Ranger and have at some point had every conceivable water bottle holder ever made and I found the Aquaclip the best.” -M.K.

“...works very well and as advertised.” -D.F.

“We had our volunteer event on Friday, May 11. The Aquaclips were a hit! Everyone thought that they came in very handy.” -Stacey

“Just wanted to let you know that we love the Aquaclip. Just before Christmas I ordered some to give as gifts... My husband uses his everyday to carry his water to work.” -R.C.

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